Amphorium as one of the best #blockchain apps for logistics has a mobile application for a different software, simplifying the logistics process as much as possible.

#Chainlink has already seen the benefits of

In April this year, expanded the list of companies for cooperation. Chainlink has already appreciated all the advantages of the software. make managing your company easier

If you begin to notice that you cannot cope with all the volumes of tasks that you have set yourself in the field of #logistics, then delegate half of the work to computer #technology, such as #

Daimler Truck AG and #Total Energies want to create a water #infrastructure for trucks.

The companies have teamed up to create improved water infrastructure across the EU. It will allow you to transport goods many times faster.

Wan Hai Lines is actively #investing in sea freight

#According to the latest data, the company has spent more than $ 200 million on the purchase of ships and containers. It will increase the volume of traffic.

There are massive traffic jams at #airports in the world

Research has shown that significant airports have experienced congestions that have not existed for the past 25 years over the past few years. It is because the percentage of freight traffic has increased.

Celebrities invest in #crypto industry

Tim Cook invests money in cryptocurrencies. In addition, there is talk that his company (#Apple) will also use #bitcoins, but it has not yet found confirmation. Perhaps this would be a good decision for the corporation.

#NTF sales on #OpenSea are growing rapidly

Recently, there has been a surge in NTF sales due to the release of several very unusual and worthwhile projects. It is assumed that they will only grow.

Circle launches stable coin on #Japanese yen.

Stablecoin is a unique type of #cryptocurrency tied to the fiat currency rate or other commodities’ value to stabilize the weight. Circle chose the Japanese yen for this.

The difficulty of mining #bitcoin is gradually increasing

Research has recently been published showing that #mining difficulty has increased by 4% in recent years. And this does not yet apply to legislative features in different countries.


- is a combination of simplicity and innovation in the world of logistics. Amphorium’s blockchain technology will help you to transform the logistics processes.

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